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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Social Media Marketing Craze Hits Albuquerque

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube

The Social Media Marketing craze hits Albuquerque, New Mexico like a giant marketing wave!

   Have you set up a Facebook account lately? If so, have you found it useful in reconnecting with your extended family, old friends, high school acquaintances, college fraternity brothers and sisters, or dear friends from previous jobs you have held? The author definitely has found that to be true. Facebook is like plugging back into the lives of those folks who have meant so much to us, but somehow just slipped through life’s many cracks and lost touch. I have heard from relatives I haven’t spoken with in years. Know what? I like it! Congratulations to the founders of Facebook on creating such an incredible communication tool for us all to enjoy.

   Do you have a Linkedin account? Many of you probably don’t even know what Linkedin is? If you are a business person, or simply an employee of a company, you absolutely must have a Linkedin account in Today’s complex business world. This new Social Media wave has taken the New Mexico business world by storm. Employees, Business Owners, Corporations and Business Group with similar interests are finding it easier than ever before to connect through the web. You can create a business profile that is viewable from your Linkedin profile page and display your resume, your important business links, recent blog posts, Twitter tweets and much more. Talk about generating a Viral Marketing business news buzz. Linkedin can absolutely do it!

   Any of you tried Twitter tweeting yet? Please tell me that you have a Twitter account. Twitter is an incredible tool that has many uses. The best part about the Twitter craze is that Google and the other search engines really love the Twitter site. For those who play by the rules and handle their Twitter accounts in a personal way (None Automated Approach), you are finding that Google in particular is rewarding you with a page rank for your Twitter URL. That is huge in our minds and speaks volumes to the power of the Twitter site.

   Do you have a Youtube account? Have you ever watched a Youtube video? One of the fastest growing forms of Internet media in the world is video. Don’t understand how to use Youtube? Visit the Flyline Search Marketing Youtube channel and see how we have chosen to play. Our goal with our videos is to provide value to our channel subscribers. We deliver beautiful outdoor footage from some of the most incredible places in America. Again, our approach is give you something that is worthy of your time and brings real value to your life. We see some who try the hard sell marketing video approach, but we just don’t feel like that is the right formula. Youtube is more about giving than receiving in our minds. Videos are great for community service opportunities, sharing nature and providing access to pertinent information that leaves your viewer better informed.

   The Albuquerque business community is beginning to hear noise about the new Social Media Marketing wave. The problem most New Mexico area business owners having is, one, they don’t understand the new media, two, they don’t know how to set up these accounts, three, they don’t understand which accounts they should use and four, they don’t know how to use these new marketing tools to generate business leads or to drive increased brand awareness for their products and services. That is where Flyline Search Marketing comes in. Our firm is a full service Internet Marketing Agency. We have Social Media specialists on staff to help our clients effectively navigate the new Social Media landscape. Flyline Search Marketing President “Pam Russom,” is located in Albuquerque and she and her team cover Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Corrales, Bernalillo, Rio Rancho and many other communities in and around the State.

   For more information about Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization for your web site and other Internet Marketing topics, please contact Pam at 505-328-4321. You can also call our main office at 1-866-258-5511 or visit our web site at (http://www.flylinesearchmarketing.com/).

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