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Friday, December 20, 2013

Grow Your Customer Base through SEO, Google AdWords, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Although businesses can still grow their customer bases through traditional marketing strategies, more small and medium-size business owners are realizing the value of investing in Internet Marketing strategies to better target their customers and potential customers.
Using online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and Google AdWords, are especially important when research shows that more consumers use their computers, tablets, and smartphones to research and shop than ever before. In using online channels, customers also expect more engagement and conversation with the companies they are doing business with, so incorporating these strategies helps you get close to your audience, get to know them, and learn about their needs and wants.

There are so many channels that consumers and businesses are now using that comprise social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and FAcebook. If you want to get your information in front of these targets, you need to be on these sites, offering relevant content and answering their questions through a social media marketing strategy.

Beyond just blogging and putting up Facebook posts, you need to do direct advertising like Google AdWords to get the attention of prospective customers while they are doing online searches so they can learn about you. This is also targeted at specific demographics that would be interested in what you are offering as a product or service rather than putting ads out there and hoping someone that might be looking for what you have might see it. The targeted ad approach of Google AdWords is both cost effective and results-oriented.

SEO also helps target the audience you want to reach and it can be incorporated in all aspects of your Internet Marketing strategy – from press releases, articles, blogs and other content to Google AdWords campaigns and social media marketing posts.

Another advantage of using online marketing strategies is that you can measure the results so much better than you can do with traditional marketing tactics. For example, Google Analytics provides a way to see how many people are clicking on ads or websites, where the users are coming from, and how long they stay on the ad or website. 

This helps a business better understand if their content marketing and campaigns are effective or if they should be changed to see if this results in more positive reaction and sales.

Although these strategies can all be designed to build your audience and increase your customer base, you do know how to use each one correctly and invest the time and energy into learning each one and staying up-to-date on any changes.

If you cannot do this, the strategies will not magically work on their own. That’s why you should consider partnering with a seasoned Internet Marketing agency that can do all of these strategies for you the right way so you can focus on taking care of the more customers that will follow. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Put Your Internet Marketing Needs in Our Capable Hands

As you know firsthand, running a business is a 24/7/365 effort where it always feels as though some aspect is getting neglected. 

Usually, it tends to be marketing because it takes a lot of time just to implement it let alone know what works best and what has changed with marketing trends and consumer preferences since the last campaign.

Without a comprehensive Internet Marketing program, many businesses are missing out on customers and revenue, giving it away to their competition that has discovered that it pays to invest in an Internet Marketing agency partner who can create, implement, manage and track an Internet Marketing program for them.

Just think what you could accomplish if you had a partner like Flyline Search Marketing who can do it all for you while you focus on your core capabilities and enjoy the additional website traffic, brand recognition, customer base and revenues.

Here’s what our comprehensive Internet Marketing programs include:
  • Google AdWords campaigns from a certified Google AdWords service provider;
  • Search Engine Optimization, which is a critical component of any Internet Marketing program and one where the rules are constantly changing so our team stays on top of all the new requirements to deliver the best SEO services;
  • Website design that is world class and comes with a Customer Management System for real-time content updates, photos, videos and more;
  • Social Media Marketing, including all the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest;
  • Public Relations, including press release creation and distribution;
  • Blogging and article development for regular and relevant content;
  • Media Buying and Consulting to provide guidance on traditional marketing tactics, including radio, television, yellow pages, billboard and more; and
  • Feedback and measurement of all tactics and campaigns to deliver quantitative findings about how your Internet Marketing program is doing and if changes are necessary.

Beyond all these components, each has been market tested on all types of clients across the country, including our key focus industries like florists, auto dealerships, gyms and fitness centers, plumping and septic companies, and climate controlled and traditional self storage firms.

Our website contains numerous success stories and testimonials that attest to the degree of success our clients have achieved in partnering with Flyline.

Now it’s your time to find out how much we can do for your business!  Right now, we are offering a $100 credit toward Internet Advertising for any new client that signs an Internet Marketing contract with us! 
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