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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get Your Website Done Right with Flyline

Before you can build that social media presence that attracts your intended audience and helps enhance your brand’s reputation, you need to get a website set-up for your business where your audience can come and learn more or, more importantly, buy, buy, buy.

Setting up a website has been greatly simplified over the year. While it may seem that many can get by with just having a Facebook page, at Flyline, we believe that it is very important to have a website that yields a professional and sophisticate platform for your marketing efforts. 

Anything else simply furthers that image or channels your audience to your website.

Numerous Website Development and Hosting Options
At Flyline, we are all about the options. Our philosophy is that all businesses, big and small, should have access to an online presence. 

That is why we make our services affordable and easy for business owners to have their very own professionally designed websites.

Affordable Hosting Solutions
Our website hosting solutions are not only affordable, but they are easy to use and rely on, too. 

We know you are most likely a busy person, so when it comes to making decisions, while it’s important to think things through, things need to be efficient.

That is why our website hosting really is worry free. We take care of keeping everything up and running for you. 

We offer three primary hosting packages that range from being the most cost effective to having all the latest bells and whistles to do more than get the job done.
  • Our basic web hosting package offers everything you need to help us get you up and running, and you can get it for the meager price of just $15 a month.
  • We also offer a Tier 2 standard web hosting package that has all the features of our basic package and much more. This is perfect for a larger business that does not quite need our premium hosting but is too large for the standard option. Get premium hosting for merely $29 a month.
  • If you have a much larger business or just want the top of the line with all the best features our premium package is just what you need, you will want to select the third option at the value price of $49 per month.

We are more than happy to work with our customers to tailor make a package that best works for them. 

At Flyline, we want to help your succeed. Start building your online empire today and watch as your business grows through the real results we can help you achieve as part of your website and online presence.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flyline’s Gift to You: $100 in Free Google AdWords Advertising

An Internet marketing firm like Flyline Search Marketing can offer you a host of services like Google AdWords, SEO content, social media marketing management, blog writing, web hosting and more, which can help your business expertly target the right customer and demographic who is already online and searching for the products or services you offer.

Partnering with a results-driven Internet Marketing agency like Flyline can also help you expand your business quickly without spending as much as a traditional program would cost.

However, we’ve gone one step further with a special offer to sweeten the deal. Because we are so confident in both our abilities and the effectiveness of the Google AdWords program, we are offering a $100 credit to our new customers that sign-up for the Google AdWords program. That is a whole $100 dollars of free and effective advertising for your business.

What’s the catch you ask? All we ask of our customers is to sign on with the Google AdWords platform for a year and in return they receive $100 of free advertising. It’s an excellent investment and discount toward an incredible return.

Flyline Builds Internet Marketing Success
If you have read our testimonials in the past, then you know what we are capable of in terms of helping small and medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industries.

If you haven’t or are just all around new to the Internet marketing world, please allow us to clarify exactly what it is we can do for you. Flyline Search Marketing specializes in creating an Internet marketing strategy that works for you. We take your budget and what you want in terms of reach and customer engagement and then we make it happen.

Every business that we work with is affected differently by Internet Marketing. That’s because everyone wants something different and products and services do vary greatly.

While other companies will just reuse the same strategy over and over again, which only produces limited results if any, we create a unique and personalized Internet marketing strategy with your company in mind.

Through the use of pay-per-click strategies found within Google AdWords, other search engines like Bing and various methods of search engine optimization, we help to build up your online presence. At Flyline Search Marketing, we also offer various social networking and media services that are designed to help raise awareness of your business in one of the fastest growing trends in the world.

As well as website construction, hosting, and management, we offer so many options that it’s no wonder why so many put their online reputations in our hands. At Flyline, we can help to make all the difference when it comes to making your business boom.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Making Your Business Boom with SEO

Times are tight and people are cutting back with many only spending what they have to and saving the rest to ensure the right amount of cash flow to get through these unpredictable economic times.

It’s understandable when the economy is tanked. Even though there has been some improvement it’s still pretty bad. 

Things look pretty grim for all your small business owners out there, but this simply means a new approach to marketing that can help grow your business even in the toughest of economies.

A Social Media Strategy
At Flyline Search Marketing, there are just certain parts to our business that we have found to be absolutely essential in helping other businesses advertise, and that comes down to having an effective social media strategy where potential customers and current clientele can be targeted more accurately than the costly advertising programs of the past.
The move toward social media as the primary marketing strategy is actually producing greater results for small businesses that can find both local and national customers that are looking for the products and services they offer more so than was possible before search marketing media and mobile advertising strategies.

The Break Down on SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing procedure that through a complicated algorithm and the use of some state of the art programs. These programs allow us to help better position your business page on the web in a location that is more accessible by the people.

Through our search marketing platforms with the proper use of SEO in combination with other state-of-the-art procedures, we can work to turn your business into an empire online.

There are multiple parts to a proper SEO platform. These include things like Google AdWords. This is an advertising pay-per-click (PPC) style program offered through us as a certified partner of the Google AdWords program.  

Of course, we also offer the same style of program with other search engines like Yahoo and Bing to name a few examples.

At Flyline Search Marketing, we specialize in taking a business’s online presence (previously present or not) and making a real imprint in the cyber world on the right customer base. Our procedures are not only tried and true, but they are proven to be quite affective.

If you need convincing, just check out our testimonial page to see for yourself. While you are there, why not just check out our whole site and see all of the great services we offer, which are all geared towards and proven to helping your business get noticed and grow.
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