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Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising

Reasons you should hire Flyline Search Marketing to deploy Google Adwords for your firm.

1) Using Adwords, we can generate an immediate stream of new, highly qualified sales leads for your business. 
2) We custom design each Adwords program for the specific client we are serving. That process ensures that we make the best use of our clients advertising budget resources, while delivering the highest quality traffic possible.
3) Our program designers focus on generating sales conversions for you, not just clicks to your website. To that end, we generate Google conversion codes and load them strategically within your website. Those codes ensure that we can identify top performing keyword phrases that drive sales converting type activity. 
4) We have a history of producing results for our clients! We took a florist in Atlanta who was loosing money each quarter back in 2009. We doubled their gross revenues within two years. They are now arguably one of the largest and most successful Flower shops in the southeastern United States.
5) We will give you a $100 Free Google Adwords credit when you sign up for our Google Adwords service package.
6) Want to gain a strategic edge over your competitors? Our Google Adwords service package includes the new high-tech Google Remarketing feature. Remarketing is an extremely high-tech marketing tool that allows you to track your website visitors, then place your brand and advertising message in front of those site visitors everytime that access a website or blog included within Google's massive Display Network. This unique advertising tool is utilized by some of this countries most sophisticated advertisers. Our competitors routinely charge as much as $1000 per month to manage a Remarketing program. We include Remarketing in our normal $400 per month local Adwords service offering.
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