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Friday, June 8, 2012

Flyline Search Marketing Offers Premier Internet Marketing Strategies for the Yahoo and Bing Merger

Do you already own the seven seas of the Internet with our Google AdWords’ pay per click (PPC) advertising program? Well, there are some big fish that have jumped into the Internet Marketing Sea that you may want to consider.

Thanks to the merger of Yahoo and Microsoft MSN, or Bing as it is now called, there is a pretty big chunk of unclaimed waters to consider steering your boat toward. Here are some things to think about in relation to the Yahoo and Bing pay per click advertising program.

The Merging of Two Online Giants
Yahoo and Microsoft (Bing) have joined forces in an attempt to reclaim the search engine world. And, while alone they weren't so strong, together they have reclaimed about 30% of the Internet searches worldwide, including many from the US.

That equates to 154 million searchers that your business won't reach with just Google! Sounds like that could be an incredible missed opportunity if you don’t act now to readjust your Internet Marketing strategy.

Potential Advantages
For starters, because these companies have merged, you will no longer have to do with two separate accounts and all the hassle that comes with that. Of course you will also be reaching more people with your business now advertised on both the Yahoo and Bing search engines.

With both companies now working as one, there will be no time spent on 'competing' with each other. That means that their resources are now better spent on making things better for their customers. Expect to continue to see improvements with the Yahoo and Bing partnership and all that they offer as they become more tightly integrated.

Why Pay-Per-Click?
If you have not already heard of or even used it before, pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies available amongst Internet Marketing tactics today.

Whether used for Google or the Yahoo and Bing partnership, or both, Pay per click advertising, through careful calculations and a previously assigned budget, keeps your business on the front page of a search engine and can even lead to your company being listed at the top of the page -- where your company belongs.

Internet Marketing Experts Here to Help
At Flyline Search Marketing, we offer Yahoo and Bing pay per click services as well as the Google AdWords service.

If pondering why to opt for us as your long-term Internet Marketing partner, not only are we the premier online marketing service across many states and industries, but we are also certified partners with representative companies, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Plus, our friendly and informative team puts your business first because they want to see you on the top, too!

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