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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Web & Phone Call Tracking & Analytics

One of the most important aspects of any Internet Marketing program is to understand how the various tactics are providing you with traffic and revenue. 

To do this, a combination of Web and phone call tracking and analytics are used to better understand how every ad delivers results for you.

Why Use Web & Phone Call Tracking?
Data tracking and mining helps to ensure that your website, Google AdWords, and Yahoo/Bing sponsored search programs are at their peak performance.  Overall, this will help you see how your paid advertising is generating revenue for you by seeing how these campaigns are generating phone calls, including those keywords, key phrases, and campaigns that are and are not working for you.

This also includes offline campaigns, email campaigns, or search engine campaigns. As such, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies can be more focused and offer a greater return on investment. 

This becomes even more critical as more people are using their mobile phones to conduct searches and are then ready to call directly from there to buy a product or service. You want them to call you.
What Can Analytics Do?
Analytics hold the answers to your questions about whether or not your campaigns are working effectively. When they are working effectively, you can get more revenue for fewer advertising dollars spent, focus only on the most effective campaigns, and make better decisions about online and offline advertising. 

You will be able to see if a Web visit was involved before the call was made as well as where the call was made, so you better understand your target audience and their behavior.

Flyline’s Program of Web & Phone Call Tracking & Analytics
Flyline has a team of program managers that work tirelessly to monitor the analytics data from each advertising campaign. They utilize the findings from the data to help decide how to improve the ad campaigns, including making critical bid strategy adjustments, ad content updates, and keyword modifications.

Flyline’s tracking and analytics services include:
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Phone Call Recording
  • Phone Call Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Conversion Data
  • Google AdWords Conversions
This is a service that is included in Flyline’s comprehensive Internet Marketing programs. To learn more about how this tactic and others can help increase web, phone, and in-store traffic as well as enhance revenue, and build brand recognition, contact us today!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Advantages of E-mail Marketing Campaigns

One of the many online marketing strategies used is the e-mail marketing campaign, which is a way to reach out to customers and prospects in a place where they prefer to be contacted versus the telephone or regular mail.

What are E-mail Marketing Campaigns?
E-mail marketing campaigns are marketing messages sent to the email addresses of your customers and prospects. 

These marketing campaigns typically provide information on an upcoming special or promotion that can be redeemed in-store or it can come with a coupon code and link to redeem online at the company’s website.

Why use E-mail Marketing Campaigns?
Here is a list of the reasons why e-mail marketing campaigns can be advantageous for a small business:
  •   It is efficient, helping you reach a wider audience with less time and effort. It does not take much time to create and send thanks to the availability of templates and databases.
  •  E-mail marketing offers a real-time message, which can be tied to your customers’ specific birthdays or it can be easily sent prior to a special celebration, holiday, or promotion.
  • Despite the mass mailing aspect, e-mail campaigns can still be personalized with a customer’s name as it can be integrated with the database you use. This makes it feel like you are speaking directly with each customer or prospect. You can also segment the database to direct certain campaigns to specific groups with the most relevant message for them, further personalizing your efforts.
  • With the ease of use, you can send more email messages and communicate frequently with customers and prospects. Just remember to not inundate them with email blasts as they will not be receptive.
  • Because you can send more of these types of messages, it is a good way to see what aspect gets the most attention so that you can further refine your message, graphics, and information to engage more of your audience.
  •  E-mail marketing is affordable, saving money on printing, postal mailing, advertising and phone calls.
  • There are many types of analytics available with e-mail marketing campaigns to better understand what type of results you are getting from your efforts, including how many people opened the email, how many clicked on the link, and how many unsubscribed.
Working with Flyline
To learn more about how you can use an e-mail marketing campaign as part of your Internet Marketing efforts, contact us today!

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