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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flyline Search Marketing Offers Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategies for Auto Dealerships

An auto dealership used to rely on television advertising and newspapers to grab customers’ attention. But, nowadays, consumers are not necessarily using these platforms as much as they are the Internet and their smartphones. That means auto dealerships have to think about other ways to attract customers and engage with them.

However, understanding how to use the new platforms may be the biggest challenge.
That’s why we decided it was a great opportunity to create customized Internet Marketing programs just for auto dealerships.  

We have spent years fine-tuning the marketing program for auto dealership by studying the needs of new car dealerships and used car dealerships. Our research has also included defining how customers look for vehicles and what type of information they are typically looking for when they do search.

Past Client Success
Our client success illustrates just how well the Internet Marketing program for auto dealers works. An auto dealership in Albuquerque became the number one brand dealer in New Mexico in sales, gaining increased Web and dealership traffic as well as a significant growth in brand recognition and revenue.

Benefits of our auto dealership marketing programs include increased call volume, competitive positioning online in search engine results, immediate upturn in traffic, and enhanced brand awareness.

The Auto Dealership Internet Marketing Service Package
To achieve success, an auto dealership has to be seen and heard on all channels. That’s why our various Internet Marketing packages include a wide range of tactics, strategies, and channels that are integrated into one comprehensive program. 

The service packages typically include:
  • Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing-sponsored search program design and management, including the Google remarketing program;
  • Social Media program design and active management, including blogging, Twitter, and Facebook;
  • Monthly press releases and press release distribution;
  • SEO consulting advice for websites; and
  • Web and phone analytic tools that analyze and track the progress of each campaign.

Each auto dealership campaign is strategically designed to focus on various aspects of a dealership, including new car sales, used car sales, parts sales, service sales and more.

If you are ready to rev up your auto dealership brand and reach customers where they are now searching for information, then contact us now to learn more about our different Internet Marketing service packages. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flyline Search Marketing Integrates eBay into Their E-commerce Website For Florists

Flyline Search Marketing has created an extremely robust and highly effective website platform for florists around the country, including Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Peoples Flowers in Albuquerque, Allen’s Flowers and Plants in San Diego, Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach, and Allen’s Flower Market in Reseda.  

Along with its comprehensive Internet Marketing program for florists, Flyline Search Marketing is helping gains web and in-store traffic, brand recognition, and revenue. Along with the website development for these florists, other tools are now being introduced to further the florists’ reach to increase access to their target audiences and win new customers.

Website Development for Florists
Florists have often only had the choice of licensing e-commerce platforms from Teleflora, FTD, and other florist industry leaders. These are expensive and can cost upwards of $40,000 to deploy.

Not every florist has this type of money to invest to launch their online e-commerce presence. That’s why the team at Flyline Search Marketing has developed our own website platform for florists that costs between $10,000 and $15,000 to deploy, depending on the website options required.

The website platform contains all the necessary elements to fully optimize each page and content for maximum impact on all the major search engines. The website is also scalable, which allows each florist to add as many products and pages that they want or need for a particular time of year. 

New Internet Marketing Tools for Florists
The website platform now includes a module that allows for easy integration with the clients’ eBay store. Instead of duplicating all of your product content manually on eBay, our new listing templates make it easy to automatically list some, or all, of your products on eBay.

You will be able to view the products you have listed as well as see the current highest bid and the quantity remaining. When an item is sold on eBay, an order will be created in your store's control panel.

Additionally, other Internet marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Shopping can be integrated into the florist website platform.

These are all excellent ways to reach more customers and potential customers with easy sales channels that allow customers to shop from their computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Are you ready to see what Flyline can do for your florist business? Contact us today to learn how you can exponentially grow your business online and offline with our comprehensive Internet Marketing program for florists. 
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