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Friday, December 20, 2013

Grow Your Customer Base through SEO, Google AdWords, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Although businesses can still grow their customer bases through traditional marketing strategies, more small and medium-size business owners are realizing the value of investing in Internet Marketing strategies to better target their customers and potential customers.
Using online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and Google AdWords, are especially important when research shows that more consumers use their computers, tablets, and smartphones to research and shop than ever before. In using online channels, customers also expect more engagement and conversation with the companies they are doing business with, so incorporating these strategies helps you get close to your audience, get to know them, and learn about their needs and wants.

There are so many channels that consumers and businesses are now using that comprise social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and FAcebook. If you want to get your information in front of these targets, you need to be on these sites, offering relevant content and answering their questions through a social media marketing strategy.

Beyond just blogging and putting up Facebook posts, you need to do direct advertising like Google AdWords to get the attention of prospective customers while they are doing online searches so they can learn about you. This is also targeted at specific demographics that would be interested in what you are offering as a product or service rather than putting ads out there and hoping someone that might be looking for what you have might see it. The targeted ad approach of Google AdWords is both cost effective and results-oriented.

SEO also helps target the audience you want to reach and it can be incorporated in all aspects of your Internet Marketing strategy – from press releases, articles, blogs and other content to Google AdWords campaigns and social media marketing posts.

Another advantage of using online marketing strategies is that you can measure the results so much better than you can do with traditional marketing tactics. For example, Google Analytics provides a way to see how many people are clicking on ads or websites, where the users are coming from, and how long they stay on the ad or website. 

This helps a business better understand if their content marketing and campaigns are effective or if they should be changed to see if this results in more positive reaction and sales.

Although these strategies can all be designed to build your audience and increase your customer base, you do know how to use each one correctly and invest the time and energy into learning each one and staying up-to-date on any changes.

If you cannot do this, the strategies will not magically work on their own. That’s why you should consider partnering with a seasoned Internet Marketing agency that can do all of these strategies for you the right way so you can focus on taking care of the more customers that will follow. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Put Your Internet Marketing Needs in Our Capable Hands

As you know firsthand, running a business is a 24/7/365 effort where it always feels as though some aspect is getting neglected. 

Usually, it tends to be marketing because it takes a lot of time just to implement it let alone know what works best and what has changed with marketing trends and consumer preferences since the last campaign.

Without a comprehensive Internet Marketing program, many businesses are missing out on customers and revenue, giving it away to their competition that has discovered that it pays to invest in an Internet Marketing agency partner who can create, implement, manage and track an Internet Marketing program for them.

Just think what you could accomplish if you had a partner like Flyline Search Marketing who can do it all for you while you focus on your core capabilities and enjoy the additional website traffic, brand recognition, customer base and revenues.

Here’s what our comprehensive Internet Marketing programs include:
  • Google AdWords campaigns from a certified Google AdWords service provider;
  • Search Engine Optimization, which is a critical component of any Internet Marketing program and one where the rules are constantly changing so our team stays on top of all the new requirements to deliver the best SEO services;
  • Website design that is world class and comes with a Customer Management System for real-time content updates, photos, videos and more;
  • Social Media Marketing, including all the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest;
  • Public Relations, including press release creation and distribution;
  • Blogging and article development for regular and relevant content;
  • Media Buying and Consulting to provide guidance on traditional marketing tactics, including radio, television, yellow pages, billboard and more; and
  • Feedback and measurement of all tactics and campaigns to deliver quantitative findings about how your Internet Marketing program is doing and if changes are necessary.

Beyond all these components, each has been market tested on all types of clients across the country, including our key focus industries like florists, auto dealerships, gyms and fitness centers, plumping and septic companies, and climate controlled and traditional self storage firms.

Our website contains numerous success stories and testimonials that attest to the degree of success our clients have achieved in partnering with Flyline.

Now it’s your time to find out how much we can do for your business!  Right now, we are offering a $100 credit toward Internet Advertising for any new client that signs an Internet Marketing contract with us! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Address Smartphone Usage Growth among Customer Base with Google AdWords’ Mobile Targeted Campaigns

Smartphone usage has never been higher, and research firms indicate that usage will only continue to grow among all demographics. 

This blog post provides some interesting insights into smartphone usage as well as explains why today’s businesses should use Google AdWords mobile targeted campaigns to target and reach their audience on the platform they are using most or risk losing out to the competition.

Statistics about Smartphone Usage
According to comScore, a digital research firm, and research released in September 2013, there are 143.3 million U.S. smartphone users with ongoing growth and market penetration among all smartphone brands set to continue growing.

Consumers are relying on their smartphones more to do more of the things they used to do on their laptops or personal computers. These activities include conducting searches for information, using social media sites, and shopping and making purchases.

Among the top web properties on smartphones, comScore found that Google sites ruled, including Google searches, Google Shopping, and Google Maps.

Why Use Google AdWords’ Mobile Targeted Campaigns
The fact that consumers are using their smartphones to make decisions and relying on Google for so many searches and shopping experiences, there are many compelling reasons to incorporate Google AdWords’ mobile targeted campaigns into your Internet Marketing strategy.

That’s because these campaigns specifically target consumers who use their iPhones, Androids, or other smartphone device to search the web for products and services.

This is especially important to do during the holiday season where consumers are used to checking for information on products and services while on-the-go and in-between retail locations as they hunt for deals and promotions. You want them to find you before they turn to your competition.

Flyline Search Marketing is Your Google AdWords Partner
Flyline Search Marketing’s AdWords program managers know how to create results-oriented Google “Mobile Targeted” campaigns that target your customer and potential customer base, convincing them to click to your website and increase your call-in and online sales conversions. 

Our Google AdWords team has been certified by Google, which means you can be confident that they have the experience and know-how to get you the best return on your Internet Marketing investment.

Interested in learning more how these Google AdWords mobile campaigns could help you attract more business through the holiday and beyond? Contact us now!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Internet Marketing – The Most Valuable Tool for the Holiday Season!

If you have been in any retail store recently, you most likely have already seen Christmas decorations and heard the piped in Christmas carols. 

There are already holiday sales long before even Black Friday arrives. In recent years, Cyber Monday has become just as big, and many websites are already advertising their holiday promotions

As a retailer or service provider, you surely do not want to be left behind and find your target audience shopping elsewhere because you have not started your holiday campaigns as part of a comprehensive Internet Marketing program for your Albuquerque business.
Albuquerque Internet Marketing Programs
As one of our office locations, the Flyline Search Marketing team has been serving many clients in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area since 2008. We have had the opportunity to serve many well-known and respected businesses in the Albuquerque area, including Peoples Flower Shops, Indigo Mortgage, Linton & Associates, Advanced Mailing Services and Melloy Dodge.

Each of these Albuquerque businesses have reaped a return on investment in our Internet Marketing programs, including enhanced brand recognition throughout New Mexico, a greater customer base, and increased revenues.

 As a full-service Internet Marketing agency and Google AdWords Certified Partner, here is what we can include in a comprehensive program that we create for you:

  • Google AdWords Advertising Services
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Google Conversion Code
  • Monthly or Weekly Report From the AdWords Platform
  • A Password Restricted Reports Page on our Website
  • Flat Fee Monthly Management Service Fee
Additionally, your Albuquerque Internet Marketing program can include:

  • Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search
  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases and Press Release Distribution
  • Video Creation and YouTube Account Services
Albuquerque Promotions
To get you started, we have two promotions:
  • $100 in free Google AdWords advertising for new clients who sign up for a 12-month service agreement; and
  • If you are an auto dealership, Flyline Search Marketing is interested in partnering with you and now offers exclusivity, a $500 Google AdWords credit, and our comprehensive Internet Marketing Program.
Are you ready to see what type of results we can create for you through our Albuquerque Internet Marketing programs? Contact us today to learn more!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is PPC and What Should You Know about It?

One of the many online marketing tools you may have heard about is PPC, also known as pay-per-click, advertising. This blog post provides an overview of what PPC is and what it can do for your business.

Defining Pay Per Click
PPC is defined as an Internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites from their searches on search engines. When an ad is clicked, the advertiser must pay the website owner or search engine where that ad is posted as a banner advertisement.

The advertiser needs to select certain keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to their target audience so that they can be more successful in leading the right traffic to their website.

There are two types of PPC, including flat-rate PPC and bid-based PPC. Flat-rate PPC involves the advertiser and publisher agreeing upon a fixed amount for each click that is made while bid-based PPC involves advertisers participating in a private auction hosted by the publisher to state a price that they are willing to pay for clicks.

While there have been some cases of abuse with click fraud, sites like Google have implemented automated systems to protect against this type of abuse.

How PPC Helps Your Marketing Efforts
PPC is a great strategy to include in your Internet Marketing efforts. It can help direct the right traffic to your website as well as provide good feedback about the cost effectiveness of your advertising campaigns so you can make adjustments, if necessary.

Let a Professional Handle PPC for You
While PPC is relatively straightforward to use, it may be that you are not sure or do not have the time to manage the online advertising program. Although there are many Internet Marketing agencies out there that are willing to do it for you, it is important to ensure you opt for a professional agency that has your best interests at heart and is committed to working with you over the long term.

For example, many PPC firms include their monthly management fee in the customer’s monthly advertising spend on the search engines. That causes a real hardship for a big e-commerce firm that needs to spend $5,000 to $25,000 per month on Google Pay Per Click.

Flyline Search Marketing is fast becoming the vendor of choice for e-commerce firms that are seeking great program performance at an incredible price. Flyline Search Marketing has a special e-commerce package that allows our larger clients to spend the money they need to in order to compete on Pay Per Click without worrying about 40% percent of their monthly spend amount ending up in the pockets of an Internet Marketing firm that doesn’t tell you what they are keeping out of the fees you pay.
Imagine turning your e-commerce program over to an Internet Marketing firm that charges less than $2,000 per month to custom design and maintain your Google program even if you are spending $25,000 monthly on Google advertising. Using one of the big PPC firms would cost you at least $25,000 x 40% = $10,000.  

Besides the value pricing, we deliver incredible results as well. For example, our team of professionals built a Pay Per Click program for a nationwide pest control e-commerce store that has generated on average 7,000 shopping cart transactions per month. Our Google Adwords Certified professionals created 20 active campaigns as well as built 117 ad groups, 154 Google Ads. and more than 2,100 keyword terms. You ask why only 2,100 keyword terms.  

Are you ready to experience similar results? Now is the time to contact us and get started on your PPC program!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising. New Clients Receive $100 in Free Advertising to Get Started

One of the best ways to get noticed by your customers who are most likely on their tablets, laptops, or phones using Google to look up a product or service is to work with Google through their Google AdWords PPC advertising program.

This blog post explains why it is so important to select a Certified Google AdWords partner to work with to help you get the most from this online search marketing program.

Advantages of a Google AdWords Certified Partner
When you hear the word, certified, it tends to evoke the idea that the person attached to that certification has undergone training, has knowledge about what they are doing, and has collected some experience. That makes them more reliable and credible in your eyes.

So it goes with Google AdWords certification. While anyone could figure out how to use Google’s PPC advertising program, it is even better when that person – and team – has been trained and received a certification that says they have a certain level of knowledge and experience. This is more valuable as it can mean that your investment in their knowledge and experience will pay off.

Google doesn’t give out these certifications to just anyone. There is a framework for receiving this Google AdWords certification:
·         You must currently be managing a reasonably large portfolio of AdWords clients and have done so over an extended period of time.
·         Your client account overall spend level must meet program requirements and have done so for the most recent 90 day period.
·         You are required to take a series of exams, designed to ensure that you fully understand all aspects of Google AdWords, Analytics, Display Ads, Remarketing, AdWords Editor and more.

Other business owners also realize the advantages of working with a Google AdWords certified partner:
  • Business owners found AdWords to be an extremely complex and elaborate advertising platform.
  • They did not have enough time to learn all of the unique features that Google AdWords offers.
  • Many stated that they spent considerable money bidding on keywords, but they realized that they did not have the automated tools needed to effectively identify the path to success.
  • That’s when they turned to Flyline Search Marketing to handle their Google AdWords campaigns.
What We Do for You!
Here’s what we do when you start a Google AdWords program with us:
  • Place your Google ads on the Google Search and Display ad networks in the top ad positions.
  • Target your AdWords campaigns to the precise audience you choose.
  • Include a Google remarketing program.
  • Create Google “Mobile Targeted” campaigns to increase your call in sales conversions. These campaigns will specifically be targeted to people who utilize their I-phone, Android or smartphone device to search the web for products and services.
  • Develop and deploy Google conversion code into the source code of our clients websites. This code helps us identify top performing keyword phrases that are driving sales conversions.
  •  Integrate Google Analytics on your website and share actual Google program data with you.
  • Add a call tracking and recording phone number to each Google Ad we run for your firm. That allows people who see your Google pay per click ads to simply call you instead of clicking through to your website. This tactic has historically improved the sales conversion rates for our clients.
Ready to get started? We are offering $100 in credit for your Google AdWords program if you have not had an account with us before. Contact us now!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

This month, Flyline Search Marketing client, Allen's Flowers & Plants, is planning to donate a portion of their sales proceeds to the American Cancer Society. October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and we salute the fine folks at Allen's Flowers in San Diego for their generous gesture. If you prefer to donate directly to the American Cancer Society, you can utilize the link below.

Make A Donation


Friday, September 27, 2013

SEO Done the Right Way

There is more than one day to do search engine optimization (SEO), but there are just as many wrong ways as well. 

It can be challenging enough for a small business owner to understand the basics of SEO let alone to use it effectively and circumvent any missteps.

Our blog post focuses on some of the recommendations we offer for doing SEO the right way, which also reflects our approach when we develop and maintain a SEO program for our clients. Here are four key points to remember about SEO:

1.    Steer Clear of Old School SEO Tactics: Search engines are regularly changing how they rank sites and include them in search results, so using old school tactics means you will not get noticed as these tactics are no longer relevant. Even worse, these older types of tactics are recognized by the search engines and can result in penalties.
2.    Serve Up Relevant Content: People come to websites and revisit them for valuable information that they are searching for that makes their life easier and that helps them to make informed decisions about products and services. Therefore, a website should have relevant that is regularly updated. Additionally, search engines give higher rankings to those sites that regularly update their content and that feature content that most closely reflects what that business does and offers. Increased organic placement opportunities like these help build traffic to your website.
3.    Maintain a Constant Focus on the Site Visitor Experience: Visitors want to enjoy their experience while on your website so that means you need to improve the value they get from it so that they keep coming back as well as tell others about you. Also, your visitor experience is also criteria that the search engines consider.  Algorithms on these search engines tend to rewards those sites that they deem as most able to serve customers’ needs.
4.    Deploy a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Beyond just having a SEO strategy, your business really needs a comprehensive online marketing strategy as well as a traditional marketing strategy. This is because it is important to hit your target audience on many channels and platforms, including print media, broadcast media, social media, public relations, advertising, email marketing and more. Of course, what you chose to do should be within your budget and appropriate to your industry.
The Flyline Advantage
From auto dealerships and medical centers to pest control, florists, and asset management companies, the seasoned SEO team and professional Internet Marketing specialists have delivered the Flyline Advantage, an expert, results driven, and fairly priced comprehensive Internet Marketing program. Everything we do is about using a full suite of services that drive results, increasing performance and return on investment.

Are you ready to try a program that will deliver greater in-store and online traffic? Contact us now to get started!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Facebook Fan Pages Benefit Your Business

Numerous technology and business publications have written about the reasons why a Facebook fan page can benefit a business.

For example, an article from Entrepreneur.com noted 10 key ways:
  1. Establishes another platform on the Internet where your business can be found, seen, and talked about.
  2. Drives traffic to your website.
  3.  Improves your search engine optimization.
  4.  Helps you engage with your target audience in an easy and FREE way.
  5. Connects your company directly to your customers and fans.
  6. Improves customer relations and offers a way to handle any issues immediately.
  7. Creates brand evangelists who can virally share your business with others on your behalf.
  8. Provides a way to listen and observe customers and their interests and opinions.
  9. Delivers ROI-related metrics in an easy way rather than having to do the work yourself.
  10. Allows you to study the competition in an easy and FREE way.

All of these reasons are excellent and very necessary for today’s businesses no matter what their industry or niche.

How Flyline Develops and Manages Your Facebook Fan Page
We build custom Facebook Fan Pages for each client that purchases our comprehensive Internet Marketing service package. 

The Facebook fan pages are interactive, video compatible, and can even be turned into an additional online retail store to complement your website retail platform.  

Here’s what we can do for you:
  • Build and manage the main Facebook Fan page, including updating content, adding pictures and video content, and responding and managing comments.
  • Create and manage custom fan tab pages. These tab pages further expand the amount of products, services, special offers and general information that you can share with your followers.
  • Integrate your Facebook presence with your website so visitors to your website can easily like your Facebook page without having to migrate or make too many clicks.
  • Track analytics on your Facebook fan page and include this with our other Internet Marketing analytics.
Our Value as Your Facebook Fan Page Manager
The total cost of our comprehensive Internet Marketing suite of services is generally far less than what most Internet Marketing pay-per-click (PPC) firms charge just for managing Google Adwords programs. We offer an incredible value as well as quantifiable results for all of our Internet Marketing programs.

To illustrate our work, we also have a portfolio of Facebook Fan pages that we have created for our clients so you can get an idea of what your page might look like.

Let’s get started! We’re available to answer your questions or start an Internet Marketing package for you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flyline Search Marketing Offers Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategies for Auto Dealerships

An auto dealership used to rely on television advertising and newspapers to grab customers’ attention. But, nowadays, consumers are not necessarily using these platforms as much as they are the Internet and their smartphones. That means auto dealerships have to think about other ways to attract customers and engage with them.

However, understanding how to use the new platforms may be the biggest challenge.
That’s why we decided it was a great opportunity to create customized Internet Marketing programs just for auto dealerships.  

We have spent years fine-tuning the marketing program for auto dealership by studying the needs of new car dealerships and used car dealerships. Our research has also included defining how customers look for vehicles and what type of information they are typically looking for when they do search.

Past Client Success
Our client success illustrates just how well the Internet Marketing program for auto dealers works. An auto dealership in Albuquerque became the number one brand dealer in New Mexico in sales, gaining increased Web and dealership traffic as well as a significant growth in brand recognition and revenue.

Benefits of our auto dealership marketing programs include increased call volume, competitive positioning online in search engine results, immediate upturn in traffic, and enhanced brand awareness.

The Auto Dealership Internet Marketing Service Package
To achieve success, an auto dealership has to be seen and heard on all channels. That’s why our various Internet Marketing packages include a wide range of tactics, strategies, and channels that are integrated into one comprehensive program. 

The service packages typically include:
  • Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing-sponsored search program design and management, including the Google remarketing program;
  • Social Media program design and active management, including blogging, Twitter, and Facebook;
  • Monthly press releases and press release distribution;
  • SEO consulting advice for websites; and
  • Web and phone analytic tools that analyze and track the progress of each campaign.

Each auto dealership campaign is strategically designed to focus on various aspects of a dealership, including new car sales, used car sales, parts sales, service sales and more.

If you are ready to rev up your auto dealership brand and reach customers where they are now searching for information, then contact us now to learn more about our different Internet Marketing service packages. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flyline Search Marketing Integrates eBay into Their E-commerce Website For Florists

Flyline Search Marketing has created an extremely robust and highly effective website platform for florists around the country, including Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Peoples Flowers in Albuquerque, Allen’s Flowers and Plants in San Diego, Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach, and Allen’s Flower Market in Reseda.  

Along with its comprehensive Internet Marketing program for florists, Flyline Search Marketing is helping gains web and in-store traffic, brand recognition, and revenue. Along with the website development for these florists, other tools are now being introduced to further the florists’ reach to increase access to their target audiences and win new customers.

Website Development for Florists
Florists have often only had the choice of licensing e-commerce platforms from Teleflora, FTD, and other florist industry leaders. These are expensive and can cost upwards of $40,000 to deploy.

Not every florist has this type of money to invest to launch their online e-commerce presence. That’s why the team at Flyline Search Marketing has developed our own website platform for florists that costs between $10,000 and $15,000 to deploy, depending on the website options required.

The website platform contains all the necessary elements to fully optimize each page and content for maximum impact on all the major search engines. The website is also scalable, which allows each florist to add as many products and pages that they want or need for a particular time of year. 

New Internet Marketing Tools for Florists
The website platform now includes a module that allows for easy integration with the clients’ eBay store. Instead of duplicating all of your product content manually on eBay, our new listing templates make it easy to automatically list some, or all, of your products on eBay.

You will be able to view the products you have listed as well as see the current highest bid and the quantity remaining. When an item is sold on eBay, an order will be created in your store's control panel.

Additionally, other Internet marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Shopping can be integrated into the florist website platform.

These are all excellent ways to reach more customers and potential customers with easy sales channels that allow customers to shop from their computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Are you ready to see what Flyline can do for your florist business? Contact us today to learn how you can exponentially grow your business online and offline with our comprehensive Internet Marketing program for florists. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

One of the newest social media platforms is Pinterest designed around sharing great ideas with friends and keeping track of all the things you love – whether that is fashion, design, art, jewelry or decorating ideas not to mention recipes, party ideas, and gifts.

Local businesses like florists are starting to see the benefit of joining Pinterest and linking it to their overall Internet Marketing Program. Here’s why.

Using Pinterest: Allen’s Flower Market Case Study
The Pinterest account is designed to build the buzz around each client, including the account we manage for Allen’s Flower Market, and award-winning florist in Long Beach, California.

Here’s what we have been able to do for Allen’s Flower Market in terms of the Pinterest portion of their Internet Marketing program:
  • We created Pinterest photo boards and regularly add new boards to their page. Each Pinterest photo board is themed to the seasonal and holiday opportunities found within the flower business, including Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day as well as weddings, events, gift giving and home decorating.
  • Each Pinterest board is filled with high-quality flower images, all of which include alt tags and embedded links that increase the florist’s indexing capabilities on search engines as well as provides Pinterest users with incredible and memorable visual content that enhances their perception of the florist.
  • The Pinterest boards are regularly updated and monitored for any level of engagement or followers that have increased after various updates. This helps better understand what is of interest to Pinterest users and what can be done to further this level of engagement.
  • The content on the Pinterest boards is then linked to the other social media platforms that Allen’s Flower Market uses. Additionally, a Pinterest widget has been added to their website to make it easy for visitors to the website to quickly add Allen’s Flower Market to who they follow on Pinterest.
The florist has already had many customers comment on the Pinterest account, noting how much they enjoy the visual content and advice on there, giving them ideas and encouraging them to buy from Allen’s Flower Market. Sales also reflect this positive response.

Are you ready to experience what social media and our comprehensive Internet Marketing program can do for you? Now is the time to learn more about our various programs and how they can help you grow your business!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Allen’s Flower Market Enjoys Exclusivity of Flyine Search Marketing Partnership – You Can, Too!

One of the biggest perks of signing up for a Flyline Search Marketing Internet Marketing program is the exclusivity benefits. This blog post illustrates what this benefit has done for Long Beach, California florist Allen’s Flower Market.

All about Allen’s Flower Market
Allen’s Flower Market is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Long Beach, California. 

For more than 30 years, the family has been working in their store and being personally involved in all aspects of the business – from floral design and delivery to customer service.
The Company guarantees the freshness of its flower arrangements by purchasing its flowers, roses, plants and blooming plants directly from growers, and it is committed to accommodating all individual requests. The shop is open seven days a week, including holidays. Their website is: www.allensflowermarket.net.

The Exclusivity Factor
Allen’s Flower Market has recently renewed its contract with us for our premium comprehensive Internet Marketing program, which includes exclusivity

They are the only florist in the Long Beach area that we serve, so we have focused on attracting a client base that shops with them and is becoming loyal through the contact they receive from multiple platforms, including Facebook, a blog, website, traditional media and more!

This focus on Allen’s Flower Market has resulted in greater online traffic, including visits to their website, Facebook fans, and online and in-store orders not to mention the fact that they received an award for best florist in Long Beach last year.

Together, all these efforts on their behalf have helped the florist increase its market share compared to other local Long Beach florists, proving that exclusivity and that level of attention can make a significant difference in your bottom line.

Working Exclusively for You!
This benefit is waiting for you! Imagine having an Internet Marketing company focus exclusively on you in your geographic region. 

You can be confident that they are not working with the competition at the same time. Instead, you grow leaps and bounds in terms of leads, online and store traffic, and brand recognition.

Whatever your industry, we can provide you with this exclusivity factor that can make a significant difference in the revenue and profitability results you experience. Are you ready to get started or have questions? Contact us now!
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