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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Facebook Fan Pages Benefit Your Business

Numerous technology and business publications have written about the reasons why a Facebook fan page can benefit a business.

For example, an article from Entrepreneur.com noted 10 key ways:
  1. Establishes another platform on the Internet where your business can be found, seen, and talked about.
  2. Drives traffic to your website.
  3.  Improves your search engine optimization.
  4.  Helps you engage with your target audience in an easy and FREE way.
  5. Connects your company directly to your customers and fans.
  6. Improves customer relations and offers a way to handle any issues immediately.
  7. Creates brand evangelists who can virally share your business with others on your behalf.
  8. Provides a way to listen and observe customers and their interests and opinions.
  9. Delivers ROI-related metrics in an easy way rather than having to do the work yourself.
  10. Allows you to study the competition in an easy and FREE way.

All of these reasons are excellent and very necessary for today’s businesses no matter what their industry or niche.

How Flyline Develops and Manages Your Facebook Fan Page
We build custom Facebook Fan Pages for each client that purchases our comprehensive Internet Marketing service package. 

The Facebook fan pages are interactive, video compatible, and can even be turned into an additional online retail store to complement your website retail platform.  

Here’s what we can do for you:
  • Build and manage the main Facebook Fan page, including updating content, adding pictures and video content, and responding and managing comments.
  • Create and manage custom fan tab pages. These tab pages further expand the amount of products, services, special offers and general information that you can share with your followers.
  • Integrate your Facebook presence with your website so visitors to your website can easily like your Facebook page without having to migrate or make too many clicks.
  • Track analytics on your Facebook fan page and include this with our other Internet Marketing analytics.
Our Value as Your Facebook Fan Page Manager
The total cost of our comprehensive Internet Marketing suite of services is generally far less than what most Internet Marketing pay-per-click (PPC) firms charge just for managing Google Adwords programs. We offer an incredible value as well as quantifiable results for all of our Internet Marketing programs.

To illustrate our work, we also have a portfolio of Facebook Fan pages that we have created for our clients so you can get an idea of what your page might look like.

Let’s get started! We’re available to answer your questions or start an Internet Marketing package for you!

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