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Friday, September 27, 2013

SEO Done the Right Way

There is more than one day to do search engine optimization (SEO), but there are just as many wrong ways as well. 

It can be challenging enough for a small business owner to understand the basics of SEO let alone to use it effectively and circumvent any missteps.

Our blog post focuses on some of the recommendations we offer for doing SEO the right way, which also reflects our approach when we develop and maintain a SEO program for our clients. Here are four key points to remember about SEO:

1.    Steer Clear of Old School SEO Tactics: Search engines are regularly changing how they rank sites and include them in search results, so using old school tactics means you will not get noticed as these tactics are no longer relevant. Even worse, these older types of tactics are recognized by the search engines and can result in penalties.
2.    Serve Up Relevant Content: People come to websites and revisit them for valuable information that they are searching for that makes their life easier and that helps them to make informed decisions about products and services. Therefore, a website should have relevant that is regularly updated. Additionally, search engines give higher rankings to those sites that regularly update their content and that feature content that most closely reflects what that business does and offers. Increased organic placement opportunities like these help build traffic to your website.
3.    Maintain a Constant Focus on the Site Visitor Experience: Visitors want to enjoy their experience while on your website so that means you need to improve the value they get from it so that they keep coming back as well as tell others about you. Also, your visitor experience is also criteria that the search engines consider.  Algorithms on these search engines tend to rewards those sites that they deem as most able to serve customers’ needs.
4.    Deploy a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Beyond just having a SEO strategy, your business really needs a comprehensive online marketing strategy as well as a traditional marketing strategy. This is because it is important to hit your target audience on many channels and platforms, including print media, broadcast media, social media, public relations, advertising, email marketing and more. Of course, what you chose to do should be within your budget and appropriate to your industry.
The Flyline Advantage
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