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Monday, May 20, 2013

Flyline Offers a Professionally Managed Pinterest Account for Peoples Flower Shops

The Pinterest account is designed to build the buzz around the Peoples Flower Shops located in and around the Albuquerque area.

This blog post provides information on what we have done for Peoples Flower Shops with this fast-growing social media marketing platform that is more than just a place for crafters and fashion followers. It is now a place for small and medium sized businesses to get in front of their customers and potential customers, sharing ideas and building their brand.

What Can a Florist Do with Pinterest? 
Pinterest for florists can be used a number of ways to attract customers:
  • Wedding flowers and event flowers 
  • Flower d├ęcor for the home 
  • Flower arrangements for gifts, holidays, and special occasions 
  • Flower and plant care 
  • Gift ideas and gift baskets 
Since flowers are such a visual medium, Pinterest works great because it offers a way to display vibrant and attractive pictures as well as offer informative content.

The Peoples Flower Shops Pinterest Account 
The Pinterest account is designed to build the buzz around Peoples Flower Shops and get more consumers in the Albuquerque area as well as across the country thinking of them as the premier, go-to florist. The professional social media marketing team at Flyline creates Pinterest photo boards that are themed to the season and holiday opportunities related to the flower business.

Each Pinterest board is filled with high-quality flower images all of which include alt tags and embedded links to increase the inbound links to the website and drive traffic and revenue for the Albuquerque florist.

The Results
To date, the use of the Pinterest channel has been successful for Albuquerque with many users re-pinning pictures and content, which means viral opportunities to further grow this florist’s local and national market share. Better yet, the social media marketing channels are linked so that information and updates are shared for maximum coverage with minimal resource outlay.

Are you ready to see what the power of social media marketing can do for you? Contact us today to learn more about our Internet Marketing programs for your small business.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogging Benefits Your Business – Just Ask Peoples Flower Shops of Albuquerque

So many articles and studies show that blogging is an effective tool to get noticed, increase traffic, and build a brand image. 

But, the proof is often in the results that each small business owner experiences for themselves when they work with an Internet Marketing company like Flyline Search Marketing and put the power of blogging to work for their own firm.

This case study illustrates how a blog is a highly effective tool for florists around the country. In this case, it’s Peoples Flower Shops of Albuquerque.

About Peoples Flower Shops
Peoples Flowers Shops is the largest florist in Albuquerque, New Mexico with five locations in the metro area. Peoples Flowers delivers fresh flowers throughout New Mexico and the United States.

They are leaders in environmentally-aware and sustainable floral practices. Peoples Flowers has been family-owned and locally operated since 1944.  

Peoples Flower Shops’ Blogging Results
Over the past year of blogging for Peoples Flowers, blog traffic on the Peoples blog has grown from approximately 1,500 visits early in 2012 to more than 4,000 visits in 2013.

Peoples Flowers is also now making flower sales directly from the blog, which is a convenient way to ensure that those that come to read the blog can easily make a purchase without having to migrate to a different site. 

In this way, the blog serves as a nice supplement to the website plus it is a great way to enhance the value of other social media platforms.

The blog is also an awesome way of increasing the client’s information indexing capabilities with the search engines to drive more online and in-store traffic.

The result has been sustained revenue growth and enhanced brand recognition in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico. Sales have risen considerably over key periods while regular florist business has also grown in the past year.

The Internet Marketing Difference of a Comprehensive Florist Program
Peoples Flower Shops takes advantage of Flyline’s comprehensive marketing program for florists, which includes a wide range of tactics as well as a detailed tracking mechanism that gauges results and helps to shape the tactics used over time.

Certain marketing packages also come with the ability to gain exclusivity for a particular area so that Flyline only focuses on serving your florist shops in that geographic territory, creating an even greater competitive advantage.

Let Us Grow Your Florist Business!
If you want to focus on your core business and are too busy to blog or are unfamiliar with the SEO strategies that move you up the search engine rankings, let us grow your Internet Marketing program so that it nurtures your business and sees it blossoming for years to come. Contact us today to learn more!
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