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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Address Smartphone Usage Growth among Customer Base with Google AdWords’ Mobile Targeted Campaigns

Smartphone usage has never been higher, and research firms indicate that usage will only continue to grow among all demographics. 

This blog post provides some interesting insights into smartphone usage as well as explains why today’s businesses should use Google AdWords mobile targeted campaigns to target and reach their audience on the platform they are using most or risk losing out to the competition.

Statistics about Smartphone Usage
According to comScore, a digital research firm, and research released in September 2013, there are 143.3 million U.S. smartphone users with ongoing growth and market penetration among all smartphone brands set to continue growing.

Consumers are relying on their smartphones more to do more of the things they used to do on their laptops or personal computers. These activities include conducting searches for information, using social media sites, and shopping and making purchases.

Among the top web properties on smartphones, comScore found that Google sites ruled, including Google searches, Google Shopping, and Google Maps.

Why Use Google AdWords’ Mobile Targeted Campaigns
The fact that consumers are using their smartphones to make decisions and relying on Google for so many searches and shopping experiences, there are many compelling reasons to incorporate Google AdWords’ mobile targeted campaigns into your Internet Marketing strategy.

That’s because these campaigns specifically target consumers who use their iPhones, Androids, or other smartphone device to search the web for products and services.

This is especially important to do during the holiday season where consumers are used to checking for information on products and services while on-the-go and in-between retail locations as they hunt for deals and promotions. You want them to find you before they turn to your competition.

Flyline Search Marketing is Your Google AdWords Partner
Flyline Search Marketing’s AdWords program managers know how to create results-oriented Google “Mobile Targeted” campaigns that target your customer and potential customer base, convincing them to click to your website and increase your call-in and online sales conversions. 

Our Google AdWords team has been certified by Google, which means you can be confident that they have the experience and know-how to get you the best return on your Internet Marketing investment.

Interested in learning more how these Google AdWords mobile campaigns could help you attract more business through the holiday and beyond? Contact us now!

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