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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is PPC and What Should You Know about It?

One of the many online marketing tools you may have heard about is PPC, also known as pay-per-click, advertising. This blog post provides an overview of what PPC is and what it can do for your business.

Defining Pay Per Click
PPC is defined as an Internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites from their searches on search engines. When an ad is clicked, the advertiser must pay the website owner or search engine where that ad is posted as a banner advertisement.

The advertiser needs to select certain keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to their target audience so that they can be more successful in leading the right traffic to their website.

There are two types of PPC, including flat-rate PPC and bid-based PPC. Flat-rate PPC involves the advertiser and publisher agreeing upon a fixed amount for each click that is made while bid-based PPC involves advertisers participating in a private auction hosted by the publisher to state a price that they are willing to pay for clicks.

While there have been some cases of abuse with click fraud, sites like Google have implemented automated systems to protect against this type of abuse.

How PPC Helps Your Marketing Efforts
PPC is a great strategy to include in your Internet Marketing efforts. It can help direct the right traffic to your website as well as provide good feedback about the cost effectiveness of your advertising campaigns so you can make adjustments, if necessary.

Let a Professional Handle PPC for You
While PPC is relatively straightforward to use, it may be that you are not sure or do not have the time to manage the online advertising program. Although there are many Internet Marketing agencies out there that are willing to do it for you, it is important to ensure you opt for a professional agency that has your best interests at heart and is committed to working with you over the long term.

For example, many PPC firms include their monthly management fee in the customer’s monthly advertising spend on the search engines. That causes a real hardship for a big e-commerce firm that needs to spend $5,000 to $25,000 per month on Google Pay Per Click.

Flyline Search Marketing is fast becoming the vendor of choice for e-commerce firms that are seeking great program performance at an incredible price. Flyline Search Marketing has a special e-commerce package that allows our larger clients to spend the money they need to in order to compete on Pay Per Click without worrying about 40% percent of their monthly spend amount ending up in the pockets of an Internet Marketing firm that doesn’t tell you what they are keeping out of the fees you pay.
Imagine turning your e-commerce program over to an Internet Marketing firm that charges less than $2,000 per month to custom design and maintain your Google program even if you are spending $25,000 monthly on Google advertising. Using one of the big PPC firms would cost you at least $25,000 x 40% = $10,000.  

Besides the value pricing, we deliver incredible results as well. For example, our team of professionals built a Pay Per Click program for a nationwide pest control e-commerce store that has generated on average 7,000 shopping cart transactions per month. Our Google Adwords Certified professionals created 20 active campaigns as well as built 117 ad groups, 154 Google Ads. and more than 2,100 keyword terms. You ask why only 2,100 keyword terms.  

Are you ready to experience similar results? Now is the time to contact us and get started on your PPC program!

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