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Monday, June 20, 2011

Using Social Media Carefully: Keeping Companies and Brands on Good Terms

Social media becomes a sensitive subject when people use it in a negative way to post offensive material or make disparaging comments. Even worse is when these negative posts become connected to the company they work for or are about the firm they represent.

Bad News
Not many people are likely to forget the two Domino’s Pizza workers who made a mockery of their employer or those from Taco Bell who posted pictures of rats in the restaurant. Other companies fear that their intellectual property and proprietary information may end up on Facebook or YouTube.

From people exhibiting a lifestyle that contrasts with the values and ideals of their employers to those who tweet about things that show their organization in a racist light like the recent Albuquerque police officer, social media must be used carefully and a way that leaves the company in a good light. Despite the Albuquerque police officer being punished for his offensive Tweets, he carried on and is now involved in an investigation, involving pistol whipping. Taken together, social media may not be working in the favor of the local police department.

Good News
But, for seemingly every example of one bad apple in the social media barrel, there are examples that illustrate the benefits of bringing employees and social media together. A Dutch study noted that innovation improved with employees that were given access to and full use of social media tools.

Numerous employees around the world have used their personal social networking sites to praise their employers or help with viral marketing initiatives, noting that social media, when used correctly, can also help and organization and make employees feel involved in creating positive change.

Smart News
What an organization may need to think about is a social media policy that provides a framework from which to show their employees how they think social media should be used when they are representing themselves as part of a company or brand. Companies must tread carefully in terms of balancing employees’ rights to free speech with concern over intellectual property rights and potential defamation of the company’s reputation.

New legal studies are asking companies to tread lightly with employees who might use their personal Facebook and Twitter pages to complain about their jobs. Employees have to vent and as long as nothing inflammatory or defaming is said, it is important to let them have their space.  However, important areas to address immediately are posting that have racially charged rants, company secrets, or other types of inside information.

Your News
What has been your experience with social media and your employees? Do you have a strategy that works? Let us know by adding your comment below.


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