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Monday, February 6, 2012

Search-based Marking Trends for 2012

Within the area of search-based marketing, which includes SEO, paid search, performance email and conversion, there are a number of key trends on the horizon for 2012 and beyond. In his recent article, Peter Stewart covers some of the hottest trends to take note of for this year:

Conversion Trends

He identified a number of conversion trends, including source-to-sale reporting, which is focused on measurability and metrics for greater performance management; growth in mobile and tablet apps; more in-depth user experience testing; and greater adoption of HTML5 for more solid user experiences.

Search Engine Optimization Trends

The key SEO trends noted were personalization of search results tied to social signals from major social networking platforms; Google’s launch of Your World social search integration for more customized search engine results; and private content in Web results tied to public knowledge about each user.

Paid Search Trends

Current paid search trends are geared toward strong growth in performance display advertising; a larger slice of the budget pie being spent on Facebook PPC ads; and the advent of high premium ad placements on YouTube.

Performance Email Information Trends

This is a significant area for 2012 due to the rapid increase around the world in the use of mobile messaging. Other areas of importance include qualified data tied to the Consumer Protection Act of 2012 in which more is required in terms of unsolicited messaging the need to opt in to ensure no stiff penalties.

Users want more relevance out of any email communication they receive or they will simply unsubscribe from their relationship with you. Therefore, personalization of communication is a top priority as is relevant and valuable content that they are looking for from a provider. You need to know what that content is and then be the one to deliver it in order to maintain valuable relationships going forward.

There is a movement beyond marketing to the idea of “ongoing, integrated digital conversation.” As the article noted, “With so many marketing channels available to both business/brands and consumers, gone are the days of the ‘silo’ approach.

Integration of profile and behavioral data across different marketing channels such as search, mobile, social, eCommerce, etc. will prove to be the key to understanding your customer and accompanying them through their individual journey with you.”

What This Means for You

Noting these trends is just the first step. From there, you must determine how you can address these trends in your own search marketing and Internet marketing strategies for your business. Whether you incorporate and implement them on your own or you leverage the expertise of a firm like Flyline Search Marketing, it is important to stay on top of these trends and how they can impact your business – both positively and negatively – so that you remain at the forefront of your industry or even earn yourself a spot at the top, replacing competitors that were not attuned to such trends.

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