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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Businesses Get Social: Getting a Facebook Timeline Page

It’s 2012 and while cars may not fly, the Internet is a lot faster than it was a decade ago and people everywhere have become much more active on it. It's on our computers, tablets, and even our phones. Millions everywhere spend more time on it than they care to admit, and with the speed and ease of access has come everyone’s favorite pastime and distraction: Social Networking. Thanks to the advent of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, consumers and businesses alike can be nearly anywhere in the world and still check in with their circle.
Always looking to push what is possible, Facebook has recently introduced its Timeline format, and with it businesses everywhere can actually set up something very similar to a fully featured website. That's right! Your business big or small can post images and information even hold contests to the millions of Facebook's active users!

Timeline and its Vibrant Features
Like a dance, there are always a few steps to follow to get things done right. For starters, if you haven't already you will need to set up a Facebook account for your business. You will need to upload a profile picture and post whatever information you feel fit to share on the profile page.
Why not start advertising right now and post a picture of your company’s banner or emblem for the profile picture? And, with your profile information, you can now tell prospective customers what it is your business has to offer and how they can get in touch with you.

Visual Engagement
Now that you have the basics done, you can get on to the fun stuff, when setting up the Timeline you will need to select a cover photo. Be sure to select a photo that will help customers to better understand what it is your company does. For example, if you do custom screen printing, why not select a picture of your brand printed onto a shirt or hoody?

There are a few things to keep in mind though. When selecting a cover photo, remember that Facebook does not permit businesses cover photos that contain pricing, contact information, referrals or calls to action, and, most importantly cover photos cannot depict a blatant falsity.

As you continue to upload photos or make posts, you can actually prioritize things to keep important posts or photos, like ongoing sales or contests, on display for up to seven days at a time while less important posts continue to just filter down your businesses page as new content is posted.

Another amazing feature is that you can enable messaging so customers and fans can reach out with you. It’s the perfect feature to help small companies get engaged with their customers, employees, and potential clientele.

Time to Get Started
Your business is growing and you want to show your fans and customers just how much, and now you can with the Milestones feature. You can post Milestones on the business page that highlights your businesses most amazing accomplishments to date; it's like having a virtual trophy room to share with the world!

There are many things you can do with the Timeline to help feature and build your business and probably many new features to come, so get on over to Facebook if you haven't already and start up your business page today. Contact Flyline Search Marketing to have our team set up that custom Timeline page for you so you can focus on your core business while we take care of your social engagement strategies!

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