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Monday, June 10, 2013

Flyline Search Marketing Helps Allen’s Flowers and Plants Win Fans with its Facebook Services

Facebook Fan Pages give business owners, such as Flyline’s client, Allen’s Flowers and Plants in San Diego, another way to interact with its customers, attract new customers, and learn more about its target audience. 

Like all of our florist clients throughout the United States, Allen’s Flowers and Plants has enjoyed considerable growth through our Internet Marketing program that includes Facebook Fan Pages development and management.

Social Media Success
For Allen’s Flowers and Plants of San Diego, we created a Facebook Fan Page and currently manage it, including creating the page, tracking likes and who follows the page, adding content, linking the page to our other efforts through YouTube and Twitter, and managing and responding to any comments that are left on the Facebook Fan Page.

The page also includes photos and videos to add interest and attract and retain viewers. 

Facebook provides many tracking tools so we can help Allen’s understand the demographics and type of people following their fan page as well as gauge viewing activity and changes in page likes. 

All of these data points help to understand and quantify how our social media program is working for Allen’s or any of our clients.

A New Level of Engagement
One of the best things that Facebook has been able to do for businesses is to create a new level of engagement with their audiences. 

Previously, marketing has always been one-sided, making it more difficult for a company to truly know what its audience is thinking about or what is driving their purchase decisions.

Now, sites like Facebook allow customers and potential customers to ask questions and leave comments, helping to create a database of inside information that can be used to adjust products and services to better meet the needs of customers. It also can help to alleviate any issues quickly.

Add Your Own Facebook Fan Page!
As a small business owner, it may be hard to keep up with all the marketing that you could be doing. 

You may not have the bandwidth or resources to handle it all. That doesn’t mean your business has to be left behind.

Concentrate on your core business while we custom create a marketing plan for your flower shop or small to medium-sized business and manage that plan for you so you can watch your business grow and your brand gain a greater following. 

Contact us now to learn more!

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