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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Florists Boost Sales This Valentine’s Day Thanks to Our Comprehensive Internet Marketing Program

In checking in with our florist clients from around the country, they are reporting record sales this year and attribute much of the increase to their ongoing comprehensive Internet Marketing programs with us. 

We are, of course, thrilled that our clients are happy and understand how the wide range of Internet Marketing tools and platforms are working to attract their target audience, increase leads and conversions, and drive revenues up.
A Winning Formula
Our winning formula consists of multiple tactics:
  • Our lead generation program with Google AdWords targets the consumer who is undertaking research about the best florist to use and the shopper who is ready to buy whether that is for Valentine’s Day or any other upcoming special occasion. The campaigns focus on what our florist clients know in terms of their specialized knowledge and how they can solve problems for their customers whether those are what to buy, how much to spend, or even information about flowers and how to care for them. We have built a significant database of keywords that help florists throughout the year capture more leads.
  • Our Facebook pages for florists have won a huge response from consumers who enjoy all the pictures and videos, decorating and gift ideas, and exclusive promotions. Other social media platforms are driving customers to our florist clients, including YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, and Tweets.
  • Florists have also noted that their redesigned websites are making a significant difference in attracting customers. They see a real competitive advantage to their sites, including regular content updates, stunning photographer, enhanced features and functionality, and ease of navigation.
  • Another differentiating factor with our Florist Internet Marketing programs has been the focus on public relations platforms, including blogging, articles, and press releases that build brand reputation as a thought leader in the florist industry, further setting them apart from the competition.
  • The exclusivity aspect of our Internet Marketing programs is also a critical success factor for these clients because they receive our exclusive attention in their geographical area. We are not working with them and their competition, so our focus is entirely on their needs and success.
  • Lastly, not enough can be said about the value of the personal touch that Flyline provides. Our staff personally connects with and meets with clients in person on a regular basis, including weekly phone calls to report feedback, results, and recommendations for improvement. Our clients note that this is so important to them, especially after some had previously used Internet Marketing agencies that they never heard from let alone met in person.
If you are ready to see significant increases in traffic, orders, and revenue, it’s time to contact Flyline!

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