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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Mexico's Scenic Rivers are Truly Breathtaking

Chama River - Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico

The Chama River in Northern New Mexico is truly an extraordinary river. The mountains of Northern New Mexico are quite dry and the various rivers and streams in the area are absolutely the life blood of the region. The Chama is arguably one the most critical of these rivers. There is a string of lakes in the Northern New Mexico area that benefit from the water shed system and serve as the water repositories for the lower part of the state. The first lake in the string is Lake Heron. It’s a gorgeous piece of water, deep and turquoise blue. My mother, “Patricia Lein” has painted many beautiful oil paintings of the Heron Lake and surrounding area. Heron is filled with Salmon and giant Lake Trout. The Second Lake in the chain is the El Vado Lake Reservoir. The Chama flows into El Vado Lake from Lake Heron and out of El Vado Lake, on down through to the last lake in the chain, Lake Abiquiu. The Chama continues its journey from the dam at Abiquiu Lake, down to Espanola and eventually merging into the Rio Grande.

The Chama River is a favorite destination for several members of the Flyline Search Marketing team. Flyline Search Marketing President, “Pam Russom,” actually owns property in the area and spends a great deal of time camping and fishing with her family. Flyline Search Marketing CEO, “Mark Lein,” was raised in Albuquerque and has been fishing the Chama since early childhood. The Flyline Search Marketing video team put together the footage you see above for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy the video. Let us know if you want more of these types of videos? Pam and I both would love nothing more than another excuse to travel back up to the Mountains to do some filming!

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