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Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Use Social Media?

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We read a Linkedin in comment today from a contact indicating they felt Social Media Marketing was ineffective at driving business. At the same time we received the message below on Linkedin from another connection offering his Tax return services to our firm. Who do you think is right? The naysayer or the social marketing astute CPA?

It is Tax time

From: E Philip Bailey
Date: January 11, 2010
To: Mark Lein
You and E Philip Bailey share a network or group.

Hello group fellow,

We share eMarketing Association group. Since we are from Atlanta area, I thought I should introduce myself as Tax Advisor. I have dealt with small business and personal taxation for over 20 years, helping my clients achieve success and minimize taxes through planning and execution. I provide tax and accounting services for both businesses and individuals. If you need any tax advice on corporate/personal tax matter, I can offer you a free 30-minute consultation regarding your tax and financial situation. I want to be your trusted tax adviser. If you like, we can connect. Here is my email epbailey@gmail.com or provide me email address, I will send you invite.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you!

Phil Bailey
Phone: 770-595-7645

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