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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ready, Aim, Pitch! How to Sell the Idea of Internet Marketing to Your Bosses

If you’re the type of person who recognizes the incredible benefit that online marketing can have for a company and you work for a small Albuquerque business that doesn’t have an online presence, you may be in a very good position to make the kind of suggestion that could prove very profitable for the business. And, in doing so, you could make yourself an invaluable asset.

The first question, as always, is how to breach the issue with your company higher-ups. The reality is if they haven’t already recognized the growth potential inherent in having an online presence on their own, they’ll probably require some convincing. Here are a few tips on how you can sell launching an internet marketing plan to your boss (or bosses).

Show them what other companies in the same industry are doing. If that’s not enough to make them realize they’re being left behind in the dust, you may have to go for the jugular by finding examples of competitor companies that have made headway in conquering cyberspace. Break down the strides they’ve made. This may be painful news to deliver, but it’s also a necessary tact that should work. If it doesn’t, you may have to go for the sales pitch.

Don’t just bring up the idea. Pitch it good and hard. Go all out by putting together an official presentation that contains facts, figures, and projections. Ask for an appointment with your higher-ups or the company CEO so that you can present your idea directly to the people who call the shots.

It’s not good enough to just casually bring up the notion of launching an internet marketing campaign in the course of a staff meeting. First of all, you run the risk of being rejected before you’ve had a chance to really make your argument. Besides, projects like these don’t get green-lit without someone putting together a plan and presenting all of the pros and cons as well as budgetary and profit projections.

Offer to form an “exploratory committee” consisting of just yourself. This offer should only be made if the people in charge are reticent to give you a definitive answer. It’s far preferable to receive approval to test the waters rather than being rejected outright with a firm “no.” 

Taking this approach will require you to put in a lot more work than you were probably thinking you’d have to – but, by doing so, you’ll only serve to raise your own stock with the company.
For more information on what you’ll need to get your online marketing campaign off the ground, contact Flyline Search Marketing, a group of local experts who can deliver the nitty-gritty on what your company will need to succeed in cyberspace.


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