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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Last Line of Social Media Defense: How to Protect Against Online Attacks

The importance of protecting your business against hackers and other technologies which can destroy your business and personal data can not be overstressed. Your social content is vital and you risk losing the investment of hard work as well as money through cyber attacks. Take these important steps to ensure you build a wall that is difficult to breach and begin assembling an arsenal of tools to combat hackers.

Yahoo Finance recently offered six specific tips for countering attacks as well as safeguarding important content. Protect your bottom-line as well as your content with these companies who provide advanced protection against online attacks:   
  • SocialSafe.net: SocialSafe.net offers a comprehensive service that backs up your data from a UK-based company, iBundle. It allows you to create an online as well as offline digital journal for photos and entries. Users can trace their social media profile and view changes. There is a free version that offers a limited Facebook back-up, and users can purchase the standard upgrade for $3.49 a year. This is a bargain considering you can transition from your Twitter and Facebook profiles to save messages and photo comments. SocialSafe.net also offers a professional upgrade, which includes Google+ and Viadeo for $6.99 year. If you are interested in backing up all your content, including your Facebook business pages, they offer a $13.99 a year upgrade.  
  • My Facebook Account: Businesses looking for a free tool to save their Web pages from Facebook should look to Firefox and their free tool that allows users the ability to download this add-on and save messages, friend lists, photos, events, groups and notes as well as additional Facebook content directly to your hard drive.  
  • My Twitter—My Tweets are Safe: Facebook is not the only media site with free backup available. TweetBackup from Triop provides Twitter users with the ability to archive up to 3,200 tweets and store their followers. No password is required so this application offers additional appeal to users who have been compromised before.
  • My YouTube: The YouTube Downloader lets users download video from YouTube and convert them to different formats, such as MP3 and MOV files. And, the best part is this program is free.   
  • My Blog—Yes, My Words are Important: Another import to the United States from Triop is BlogBackupr, a back-up program for bloggers. This application requires no software installation and automatically restores blogs from Blogger.com and WordPress.
  • My Head is the Clouds—But, More Importantly, So is My Content: Backupify.com is a cloud-based service that regularly backs up content stored on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Users can protect their photo albums, messages as well as online profiles for a cost of $4.99 a month to $19.99 a month, depending on how many accounts you hold as well as your data storage needs. Backupify.com also offers users a free version to secure up to one gigabyte of data and three accounts.
Taking the Necessary Steps
Planning a course of action and taking steps to preserve your valuable content will pay large dividends in the future. Don’t run the risk of hackers destroying precious data. Search these sites to find the best program for your unique position. 

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