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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Having a website is basically assumed in today’s global business environment for companies big and small. Finding out that a business doesn’t have a website can actually be a turn off for customers.

Now, it seems as though the Internet has not only become the biggest and best tool utilized by businesses, but is has also become the final frontier for advertising. 

At Flyline Search Marketing, we have spent years developing high-quality websites and followed the trends in Internet Marketing in terms of how these websites can be used.

This blog post covers our five top reasons for why we think every business – no matter what industry they are in or how local they feel they are – needs a website.

One: Your Target Audience is on the Internet
Ask yourself, “Who isn’t on the internet these days?” Sure, there are a few technophobes out there, but, for the most part, just about everyone is on it. With a website, you can get your company, your brand, your product or whatever you are selling out there for potentially millions to see.

Two: It’s High Value Advertising that Works
Compared to traditional advertising like magazine print ads and television or radio, a website is considerably cheaper and delivers a higher rate of return on your investment often at a faster rate.  

Three: Social Media is the Current and Future of Customer Interaction
When people visit a Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, or Twitter feed and see a link to your website, the chances are that they will click it and see your website. This keeps them engaged for longer and may influence them to select your product or service. Social media is essentially free advertising, but you must be willing to invest the time and know how to link your social media presence with your website.

Four: It Helps You Leverage Video Advertising
Video advertising does take some skill, but while websites like VEVO and YouTube are typically just littered with everyone’s favorite cat videos, these sites can also make a great place to host your commercials especially for when you are just starting out. This can then be integrated with your website to maximize your audience.

Five: You will Reach a Much Larger Audience
The Internet is worldwide, so when your business has a website and presence there, it means that just about anyone can access it. You may then find yourself with customers from all around the world, increasing your revenue potential.   

One Reason to Hire Flyline
At Flyline, we specialize in designing and managing websites that get noticed for their professional look and feel as well as their strategically placed SEO strategies not to mention their well-written and relevant content.
Many businesses trust us with their marketing every single second of every single day across a wide range of industries – from florists, plumbers, and gyms to mortgage companies, auto dealerships, and legal firms. 

 Let us give you a website and Internet presence that drives traffic, customers, and revenue for your business.

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