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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let Us Blog for You

Blogging -- everybody is doing it and your company should be, too. It is an effective way to communicate on a vast scale with both current and prospective customers. 

Having an active blog lets you tell all your readers at once what is going on with the business , provide valuable tips and information that readers can use to make their lives easier and more convenient, and update them on new specials or products you might be offering.

At Flyline Search Marketing, we know just how busy a business owner can be, which is why we ask, Wouldn’t it be easier to have a company that specializes in blogging, SEO-driven content, and Internet Marketing do your blogging for you?

Benefits of Blogging
There are well and truly a wide range of benefits that come from blogging:
  • Fresh content keeps readers coming back for more. We recommend you update the blog at least once a week.
  •  It provides a cost-effective way to market a new product or service or to make announcements.
  • A blog can be infused with specific keywords that search engines pick up to get organic lift in your search engine placement so that prospects can find you faster.
  • The blog content can position your brand and company as a leading and credible expert in your industry, creating a competitive advantage over your competition that has yet to even start a blog.
Our Platforms
For the blogs we manage, we use two primary blogging software platforms:

·         The Word Press platform is a great blog platform. However, it has one specific feature that has it shining brighter than the rest. You can choose to hide or delete comments. This lets a website admin delete any unrelated spam and negative comments at their discretion while letting users see only what you want them to see.
·         The Google Blogger platform offers many intuitive widgets that allow for more content. With Google Blogger, it is a whole lot easier to make your blogs shine as well as link directly with your Twitter and Facebook social platforms.

Whatever platform you choose to use, we can make it work well for you.

The Blog Generation
Everyone and everything is on the Internet these days. It is important to know just how powerful of an advertising tool blogging can be not to mention help to stretch your marketing and advertising budget even farther while ensuring you are precisely targeting your intended audience. 

Contact us today to find out how we can start blogging for you while you focus on your core business and take care of all the new business that comes your way from our Internet Marketing efforts.    

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