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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flyline Helps Florists with the Single Most Important Day of the Year: Valentine’s Day

As you know, Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance, but with that love and romance come gifts, including flowers. 

That’s why Valentine’s Day has become THE most important day of the year for florists who are the source for Valentine’s Day flowers and even gifts as well as balloons, stuffed animals, and greeting cards.

Flyline Search Marketing has tracked its florist clients’ sales and realized that, now more than ever, Valentine’s Day is the most important days of the year to focus on for marketing and Internet Marketing efforts. 

Our clients, including Carithers Flowers of Atlanta, Allen’s Flowers and Plants of San Diego, Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, Allen’s Flower Market of Reseda, Peoples Flower Shops of Albuquerque and Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts of Denver, all agree that they start thinking about and planning for Valentine’s Day as early as New Year’s Day.

Marketing Designed around Florists and Flower Shop Challenges
To help our flower shop clients leading up to and over Valentine’s Day, we have the most positively impactful Internet Marketing programs available for florists designed around their needs, target audience, and marketing budget. The individually crafted Internet Marketing Programs for florists have delivered eye-popping results.

As a florist, you have a lot of challenges to address. First, there is competition from local and regional flower shops as well as online flower shops that are selling heavily discounted flower arrangements shipped in a box, which are also tarnishing the florist industry’s reputation. Second, you most likely are experiencing rising costs related to labor, delivery, advertising and the perishable products you have to buy.

Opportunities Abound with Flyline Internet Marketing Partnership
Instead of focusing on the challenges, you can reap the opportunities when you partner with us. With our tried and tested florist Internet Marketing Program, which includes everything from Google AdWords and social media to blogging and press releases, you can enjoy increased sales leads and more.

Our clients have noted the following advantages of their ongoing Internet Marketing partnership with Flyline:
  • Sustained revenue growth;
  • Greater organic placement;
  • Enhanced brand reputation and awareness; and
  • An ongoing flow of sales leads.

Additionally, having a partner like Flyline provides a florist with the opportunity to focus on their core business and customer service rather than marketing. Flyline’s extensive florist industry resources means that they do not need to include the florist in content assistance or take them away from their daily business focus to acquire photos and videos. 

Instead, Flyline’s team of professional marketers, writers, SEO specialists and social media gurus can take care of the entire process so you can create stunning flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day and enjoy your burgeoning flower business. Ready to learn more? Contact us now!

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