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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google AdWords and Remarketing

Google offers remarketing, which is a way to reach people who had been on your website and show them ads that remind them of you on other website or as part of a Google search as well as remarketing for mobile apps and dynamic remarketing for those who have a Google Merchant Center account.

 t’s a way to remind customers who you are, what you offer, and a way to get back to your website to reconnect and potentially buy on this visit.

All remarketing involves is a piece of code known as a remarketing tag that you put on each page of your website so that anyone that visits that page can be added to your remarketing lists. You can use different lists that offer different messages that will appeal to the consumers on a particular list.

Remarketing is recommended for those who want to drive sales activity on their website or into their store as well as for those who are looking to promote brand awareness and grow their overall customer base. 

Remarketing also works to increase the return on investment on existing Google AdWords campaigns. Each remarketing list can be adjusted and tailored to suit a certain audience or product as well to further enhance your position and revenue.

Flyline’s Remarketing Service
When you sign up for a Google AdWords program with Flyline Search Marketing, you also receive a remarketing campaign as part of the program, which supports your overall marketing efforts.

We use our MCC agency account to generate Google remarketing codes and insert them onto various pages on your website that we want to monitor. 

As website visitors come to your website and visit these specific pages, the Google remarketing code captures their IP address and deposits them into an audience bucket.

This audience bucket is then attached to the Google AdWords remarketing campaign. Our program designers then build Google display ads and/or upload image ads provided by you if you wish to include motion elements in your ads. 

The remarketing campaign is then geo-targeted to pursue these IP addresses from the audience bucket so that these potential customers may be convinced to revisit your website.

Why Flyline Search Marketing Uses Google Remarketing

Remarketing has been proven to help maintain top of mind brand awareness for companies that have used this Internet marketing tool. 

The results have included increased sales conversions across all of our clients and their industries. 

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