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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Exclusivity is Available to Florists

Imagine working with a results-oriented Internet Marketing agency with a cadre of talented and experienced professionals adept at understanding your flower shop and knowing they were only focused on you in your area rather than also working with your competition. 

It’s the reality that Flyline Search Marketing offers you when you sign up for their comprehensive Internet Marketing program for florists.

You will get exclusivity for your area, which means that we will only work with your flower shop to get the maximum coverage and traffic funneled to you and your locations.
Here are the current clients who are enjoying the many benefits of exclusivity for their area:
  • Allen’s Flowers & Plants has exclusivity in San Diego, California
  • Allen’s Flower Market has exclusivity in Long Beach, California
  • Allen’s Flower Market Online has exclusivity in Reseda, California
  • Carithers Flowers has exclusivity in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Peoples Flowers has exclusivity in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Veldkamp’s Flowers has exclusivity in Denver, Colorado
These florists have enjoyed the benefits of a growing base of customers both online and at their storefront locations as the comprehensive Internet Marketing programs have emphasized local marketing tools to target their desired customers and prospects. Their revenues and brand recognition have grown through the exclusivity arrangement and expertise of Flyline Search Marketing.

Details and Requirements for Enjoying Exclusivity for Florists
The requirements are fairly simple. Florists must contract for our Comprehensive Internet Marketing Program to enjoy the benefit of exclusivity. The program is tailored specifically to the needs of florists and addresses the interests and desires of florist customers. It has been proven to deliver significant quantitative results.

The contract for the Internet Marketing program must be for at least twelve months. This timeframe provides a way for all the tools included in the program to help stimulate brand awareness and leverage the organic power that they contain. This also allows for search engines to see and track the ongoing relevant content that we produce on your behalf, which moves you up in the rankings.

The last requirement is that Flyline defines the specific area to be reserved in the contract with each specific client.

Other than that, you can start the program and begin to see the benefits quickly as our other florist clients can attest to. For more information, contact us now!

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