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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Social Media: Getting Your Business the Attention it Deserves

Social media is more than a place to keep up with friends and family. As a small business owner, you can leverage these platforms to target your audience and customer base, engage with them, and learn about them as well as get the benefit of its viral potential.

There are so many social media platforms to use for business:
Facebook has pages that can be developed to showcase your business, share information, offer promotions, and interact with customers and prospects.
This is another site that engages with customers and prospects, offering information in various forms and providing a way to work directly with local customers.
This social media site is directed at photos and sharing those photos as well as videos. For a business, this allows for visual marketing opportunities to attract and impress customers and prospects.

This social media bulleting board offers a way for businesses to share products, ideas, and information that customers and prospects value, helping to build credibility with the target audience. 
In short messages, this platform allows messages and information to be shared geared toward helping, informing, and even entertaining the target audience that can easily be shared with others.  
Social Media Works with the Right Strategies
Knowing these sites is one but knowing how to use them effectively is another. Here are some brief tips to incorporate:
  • Use those platforms where you know your prospects are so that you can make the connections you need.
  • Post regularly to get attention and keep that attention. Try to post at least once a day.
  • Share relevant information and also post in a way that gets your audience to respond. This could be asking questions or posting surveys.
  • Put the available analytics to work to understand what gets the most attention and at what time of the day.
  • Stay relevant by mentioning trends or incorporating current names and events in your information when it fits.
  • Give your audience something to keep them interested through a contest or just give-aways like a free product or report. This keeps people coming back for more plus they are more likely to tell others about you.
These tips and more are available when you work with us at Flyline Search Marketing on an Internet Marketing program that can include all of this and more. Check us out today!

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