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Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Florist Clients Loved Our Valentine’s Day Campaigns

The recent Valentine’s Day holiday was a boom for our florist clients who all received incredible results from our recent comprehensive advertising campaign designed for one of the biggest days of the year in the flower business.

This blog posts breaks down the impact and success that was realized by four of our florist clients from around the country that have put the power of our Internet Marketing programs to work for them.

Round-up of Incredible Results for Florist Clientele
Flyline Search Marketing’s comprehensive Advertising Program for Florists made a huge impact this Valentine’s season:

·         Carithers Flowers http://www.carithers.com/
 Increased the overall average value per online sale by more than 6%.

·         Allens Flowers & Plants http://www.allensflowers.com/
Online sales volume and revenue were up by more than 45%, year over year. Brad Levy, owner of Allen's Flowers, called this year their most successful Valentine's Day ever.

·         Allen’s Flower Market http://www.allensflowermarket.net/
In their first year of utilizing Flyline Search Marketing and their new website, the florist’s use of paid search campaigns produced the most successful Valentine's Day ever, according to owner Harry Goldman. 

·         Peoples Flowers http://www.peoplesflowers.com/
 Overall sales volume from online, walk-in's, call-in's and wire-in orders were up, year over year.

Behind the Scenes
These results did not come from a random implementation of some Internet Marketing tactics. Instead, the seasoned team at Flyline Search Marketing created a custom Internet Marketing program for each florist client. 

The overall program was framed by paid search through Google AdWords and pay-per-click strategies.

In addition, each of the florists used a varietal mix of other online marketing tactics that included:
  • SEO organic marketing
  •  Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Press releases
  • Ongoing website content development 
The florists recognized the benefits of combining these elements and having a professional Internet Marketing agency create, oversee, and manage the process for them so they could focus on their core business, including nurturing personal and responsive relationships with their customers.

They also valued the in-depth knowledge that Flyline’s team has when it comes to the florist business – from promotional ideas and content to keywords and search marketing campaigns that garner the attention they want from their target audience.

 In addition, all the florists were able to track the progress of their campaigns and see the return on their investment.

Beyond that, all the florists were able to grow their business both locally and nationally from these Valentine’s Day Internet Marketing campaigns.

Ready to Grow Your Business?
Whether you are a florist ready to grow your business beyond what you have now or you are in other service-based businesses, Flyline Search Marketing is here to help you achieve your business goals through Internet Marketing.

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