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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Ins and Outs of Remarketing

Imagine this: you are at your computer and pull up a Google search or some other search engine you like to use when looking for a product or service. You type in 'outdoor sports during the summer' and within a fraction of a second a list of different sites pop up, advertising everything from rock climbing to paintball.

You then put the mouse over an outdoor stores website and click on it, visiting the company’s homepage. You are greeted with a picture of some ripped guy tree climbing and some clever slogan explaining why this company is the best in outdoor sports products, gear, and attire.

After some debate, you decide to keep browsing and escape the page by clicking the back button and go to the paintball site only to be shocked by an ad from the very site you were just on. What just happened?

In a word, it’s remarketing and it’s a way for you, as a business, to remind potential customers that you are still there even after they travel to other sites but your ad might encourage them to come back.

Remarketing in a Nut Shell
Here’s how remarketing works. You searched Google for outdoor sports stuff and went on their website, which then told the coding of the website that you might be interested in buying something but then you left to look elsewhere.
Thanks to many sites requiring enabled cookies to 'properly display' the Google AdWords program (or other similar marketing program), technology allows a business to follow you and display visual incentives in the form of ads in order to convince you to come back to the original website.

The Remarketing Setup
This is an excellent way to stay on the top of people’s minds as they shop and do their research with various sites. These potential customers are more likely to return if you make it easy for them like clicking on an ad rather than recreating their search and trying to remember the name of the company they first visited.

Working with a certified Google AdWords partner like Flyline Search Marketing can help you take advantage of the benefits found with Remarketing.

This is also a way to expand your Internet Marketing strategies with new tactics that enhance your ongoing efforts by adding a blog, social media marketing tactics like a Facebook fan page or Twitter account, press release program and ongoing SEO-driven content updates.

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